Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have an amazing smile! At South Range Dental we want to help you achieve it. Using various cosmetic dental procedures including everything from teeth whitening to dental veneers. Our experienced team will customize a plan to address your specific needs. We want our patients to be confident about their smile and are proud to offer cosmetic services to help them obtain their goal.

If you are unhappy with the shape or overall appearance of certain teeth in your smile, porcelain veneers may be right for you. These veneers, which are made of a long-lasting material identical to that of tooth enamel, will transform your smile but cover up any teeth that have become chipped, worn down, misaligned or discolored. Your veneers are both custom made and custom fit to be cemented to the surface of each tooth. The outcome is a well-blended smile that drastically changes the way your bite looks and feels.

At South Range Dental, we also offer services guaranteed to give you a whiter and brighter smile in less time and with less hassle than other over-the-counter whiteners.  Custom whitening trays that can be used in the comfort of your own home are very safe and effective.  Some patients also opt to begin whitening with an in-office treatment by one of our dental health professionals.  This process can help quickly achieve the drastic improvements you may be looking for. Whatever your wish, we have a whitening solution that is perfect and effective for YOU!

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